Motorised Curtains / Blinds

Motorized curtains can be of immense value in the following ways:
Lighting Moods: Contribute to providing the right blend of natural lighting and indoor lighting; for example, curtains can automatically be opened in the morning to allow light into the home, closed during the day hours to conserve energy, opened in the evening hours to enjoy views or allow for fresh air and then closed again at night for privacy. Automation of curtains makes the opening and closing of curtains convenient and enables home owners to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting.
Energy Savings: Automatic closing of curtains during warm days can keep indoors cool and contribute to energy savings.
Preservation of Interiors: Motorized curtains enable protection of expensive interiors by blocking harmful sun's rays during the day time.

Privacy: Motorized curtains can be integrated with home automation systems to automatically close at nights to enable privacy. We are distributors for Buildwell Motors for Delhi Ncr .