Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Benefits

A range of technologies that stream information have dramatically altered established patterns of human behavior-whether we are working, learning, playing or entertaining. Networking and connectivity have enabled this transformation. The Structured Cabling system is the foundation on which your home communications and entertainment network is built. It is designed to organize and distribute connectivity technologies throughout your home. Structured cabling connects each room on a "direct run" of high capacity Category 5e/6 (for data and telephony) and coaxial cable (for video and internal video) to a central enclosure called a Structured Media Center. This Centrally located system often manages and distributes voice, data, audio and video signals throughout your home. The basic building blocks of Telephone and Broadcast/Cable TV Distribution can be expanded to include Satellite Distribution, Video Monitoring (Security cameras/CCTV), Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, Intercom System, Networking, Internet Sharing, and Digital Multimedia Distribution and Entertainment.

The following are some examples of Structured Cabling :

  • Structured cabling is the backbone of the technology and entertainment infrastructure in your house. It is cost-effective and convenient to extensively wire the house when it is under construction.
  • All relevant locations in the house will have voice (telephone) outlets and TV/Video outlets. Media/content such as songs, photos and video that are downloaded to one or more computers in the house can be stored in a central networked storage device which will prevent loss of data if any of the computers hard drive gets corrupted. The content can then be accessed through any TV or computer in the house for play back at any time. This convenient access to entertainment media around the house where and when needed is enabled through the cabling network that is a part of the structured cabling package.
  • Plug in computers and other Network enabled devices (e.g., gaming consoles) to multiple locations in your house for simultaneous access to the Internet by family members. Wired Internet access offers the convenience of speed (gigabit Ethernet possible with appropriate router and LAN cards), reliability and security for Internet access as well as for the exchange of media files (movie, home video, photographs and songs) between computers and media servers in your house.